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      Misteriously privileged moments, hours, instants… and the feeling that this country house, through sudden intuitions, reveals its soul: in a certain sense the intimate and personal essence. The precise and unique vision that remains in the visitor’s mind and heart and that you can’t avoid pursuing and silently miss. Waiting for the next week end, the next holiday…with this spirit is born the “La casa in collina” Agritourism (a typical italian country house), a magic place able to grant silence and peace. This is an accomodation facility that wishes to represent a “break” from the frenetic daily life. A peaceful place designed for a limited number of guests, which will be considered by Giancarlo, Armanda, Luciano, Edoardo, Giorgia and Simone Amerio as friends. From them, the doors will be opened with elegance, cordiality and discretion.

      La Casa in Collina - Azienda Agricola e Agriturismo
      Reg. S. Antonio, 54 - 14053 Canelli (Asti) - Tel. +39 0141822827 - Fax +39 0141823543
      e-mail:casaincollina@casaincollina.com - Partita Iva: IT02912570047 cod. fiscale MRAGCR70C11A124U