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      Our wines



      The story of Amerio family begins with the great grand father Giovanni Battista who in Sant’Antonio farm on the splendid hills of Langhe Astigiane produced a sweet wine … and a very noble, complex and robust Barbera d’Asti.
      His nickname «Giaj» (in Piedmont dialect means “red-haired”)helped future generations to identify wines with a unique character, indissolubly linked to the quality of their area of origin. The strong attachment to their roots and the will to assert a precise and independent identity, have brought first Carlo and then Luciano and Giancarlo Amerio to suggest their own tradition and their personal style. With this in mind, they have established the family farm which is located in the old Sant’Antonio farmhouse premises.
      The special attention to the vine, a very health-conscious harvesting technique for each grape and a vinification which adheres to the most modern techniques are just some of the characteristics linked to these high quality wines.
      Ten hectares of vineyards give value to the Moscato «Cà dù Giaj», Barbera d’Asti «Cà dù Giaj» and Oubliè «Cà dù Giaj».­
      The heart of the winery, which has its cellars in Canelli, is Sant’Antonio farmhouse. Here, life is more genuine and to tell you the story of four generations of winemaking, in addition to Luciano, Armanda and Giancarlo we have today Giorgia and Edoardo, a young and promising future of the winery who never stops believing and does his best in the care of the family vineyards.
      The strength of «Cà dù Giaj» wines is in men, in its uniqueness, in its tipicality, in their diversity but foremost in its expression of authenticity…

      Let’s discover our wine’s secret…


      Barbera d'Asti Doc

      It is one of the noble Piedmont wines. It has a bright ruby colour and with maturation it tends to a garnet-red colour. It is one of the greatest Piemonte’s wines and it matches with all the dishes.


      Moscato d'Asti Docg

      It has a straw-yellow color and an intense, fragrant and fine musky fragrance that recalls honey, acacia flowers and linden tree. You can taste this fresh and young wine in every occasion. It matches perfectly with desserts, baked pastry and hazelnut cake.



      A particular wine, the perfect accompaniment to chocolate and cheese structured you get left to dry the grapes directly on the plant. A unique product, an essence of the right, available in a few limited examples ...

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