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      The Agritourism



      We have six rooms available, they are furnished with a personal style and characterized by colours that will lead the guest to harmony, wellness and relax sensations. Do you want to discover and share this secret?

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      The red room

      Heart, love, dynamism and vitality, passion and sensuality, proudness and convinction…this is what the red colour expresses. In this wide, exquisite furnished and elegant room, red is the dominant colour. Drappery, furniture and details are all conceived to form a perfect decor and the beautiful view from the private garden on the vineyard and on the swimming pool in the middle of the garden is breathtaking.

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      The beige room

      A sense of warmth and softness welcome this suite’s guest which will enjoy the timeless mawkishness canopy bed. Sophisticated materials, rare carpets and antique furnishing are the other distinctive elements of this slice of heaven, appreciated also for the authentic beautiful stone wall.

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      The white room

      The white colour symbolizes puruty, innocence, discretion and simplicity. These are the feelings you have staying in this so called “precious case”: the breathtaking view on the Moscato and Barbera vineyard and the ancient wood furniture finely decorated with lovely chiselled roses welcome you in a wonderful atmosphere.

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      The blue room

      The colour of the sea and the sky. The chinese people consider it the immortality colour, as well as silence, calm and peace colour. This room is perfect for a romantic week-end, for a pleasant quietness rediscovery through a regenerative pause.

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      The green room

      Hope, happyness, change. These are the meanings of the green colour, and they fit perfectly with this piedmontese combined-with oriental style elegant private space. A unique and comfortable accomodation that will make your stay very pleasant discoverying Asti’s Langhe.

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      The yellow room

      Intellect, perception, sunlight-seeking. How many other magic sensations will this room offer? Equipped with a private terrace facing on the wide garden, the room is the best opportunity you can have to enjoy the peaceful sophistication and the cordial atmosphere typical of this Agritourism.

      All rooms are equipped with:
      • bathroom
      • tv
      • Direct dial telephone
      • hairdryer
      La Casa in Collina - Azienda Agricola e Agriturismo
      Reg. S. Antonio, 54 - 14053 Canelli (Asti) - Tel. +39 0141822827 - Fax +39 0141823543
      e-mail:casaincollina@casaincollina.com - Partita Iva: IT02912570047 cod. fiscale MRAGCR70C11A124U