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      White Moscato from Piedmont


      During winter from December to January according to the climatic and atmospheric conditions when the temperature drops below -5°C. The grapes are completely frozen but not infected by botrytis.


      The grapes, still frozen, are pressed with a small vertical hydraulic press with indicative yield of 3 to 5% with subsequent fermentation of the must in small stainless steel vats. Spontaneous wine stabilization.


      Organoleptic characteristics

      Intense amber color with orange shimmer. Excellent light reflection due to high acid component. Extra rich complex aromas, easy and pleasant: from the scent of tea, apricot and raisin to the peaches in syrup, dried figs and dates, paprika and tamarind. It also reveals a lingering taste of fresh and caramelized rhubarb and quince jelly.

      Alcohol content
      13% Vol.


      Serving suggestions and food pairing
      Intriguing and imaginative when  served with dark chocolate. Excellent paired with sushi or at the end of the meal served together with mature and blue cheeses such as the Italian Gorgonzola, the French Roquefort and the British Blue Stilton. More often it pairs with all types of cheese. Delicious served with foie gras paté.

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